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Past Presidents

The Portage & District Chamber of Commerce is proud to be the voice of Portage la Prairie & District business for more than a century, since its incorporation on July 22nd, 1886.

The Portage & District Chamber of Commerce represents over 260 different business types, sectors and sizes and gives a voice that can effectively speak louder that one business alone.

Through the Portage & District Chamber of Commerce, the business community can be assured that the business perspective is heard on issues of the day.

Past Chamber Presidents and Executive Directors

Year President Executive Director
1981 Rusty Anderson Helen Lee
1982 Vic Edwards Helen Lee
1983 Dave Quinn Helen Lee
1984 Bill Laird Helen Lee
1985 Gary Aiken
1986 Lionel Aasen
1987 Jack Wilson
1988 Mitchell Omichinski
1989 Bev Edmondson
1990 Brian Pallister
1991 John Kowalski Diane Turner
1992 Edie Dodd Lorraine Rae
1993 Tam McEwen Lorraine Rae
1994 Jody Fletcher Luann Lovlin
1995 Tom Tenszen Cathe Offet
1996 Tony Schellenberg Cathe Offet
1997 Barry Greenberg Cathe Offet
1998 Barry Greenberg Cathe Offet
1999 Dave Omichinski Cathe Offet
2000 Kathy Olson Liz Budgell
2001 Gerald Plaiser Liz Budgell
2002 Dennis Brownlee Liz Budgell
2003 Warren Neufeld Liz Budgell
2004 Markus Schmulgen Samantha Blanco
2005 Chris Dyer Michele Redmond
2006 Shawn Cabak Michele Redmond
2007 Anita Jansen-Gemmell Michele Redmond
2008 Chris Tompkins Alana Bolton
2009 Brent Budz Alana Bolton
2010 Daniel Bolton Cindy McDonald
2011 Daniel Bolton Cindy McDonald
2012 Jerry Lupkowski Cindy McDonald
2013 Mathew Henderson Cindy McDonald
2014 Dave Omichinski Cindy McDonald
2015 Dave Omichinski Cindy McDonald
2016 Preston Meier Cindy McDonald
2017 Preston Meier Cindy McDonald
2018 Guy Moffat Cindy McDonald
2019 Guy Moffat Cindy McDonald
2020 Kyle Pettinger Cindy McDonald

The Portage & District Chamber of Commerce thanks those who have volunteered and worked with the organization over the years. Although we do not note every Director here, we do recognize without their vision and volunteerism our organization would not be successful.

Thanks to all of our past, current and future Directors and Members.